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   even vacancy was crowded with her

juillet 17th     11:40 pm

juillet 17th     11:39 pm

juillet 13th     12:14 am

why are cute boys so hard to find. i’m not even asking for rich ones. or grown men (my preference)

juillet 2nd     10:28 am

mai 27th     8:02 pm

mai 23rd     2:49 pm

clawing at my face on discovering that siri hustvedt is gonna be at waterstones 5 mins away from work on wednesday.

and because i found marina tsvetaeva’s diaries, too bad it was so outrageously priced. i’m going back to buy mina loy’s insel and probably o’hara’s why i am not a painter. 

mai 21st     7:59 pm

i woke up from a dream this morning where i was suffocated with a mattress.

i’ve been listening to an obscene amount of st. vincent again lately and her music makes me feel short of breath and want to cry maniacally in a therapeutic way.

i’m reading the accidental by ali smith and i love it so much, i don’t want to finish it.

i’m making my nephew an ice cream cake for his birthday on friday, it’d be nice if the weather weren’t miserable.

i need a really good pizza dough recipe because i’m making myself pizza on saturday i’ve decided. i haven’t had pizza in months.

mai 21st     7:57 pm

avril 28th     8:43 pm