there but for the     i     ii     iii     iv
   even vacancy was crowded with her

septembre 29th     8:11 am

septembre 28th     11:17 pm

i don’t even know what ello is tbh but okay:

septembre 28th     4:27 pm

septembre 23rd     7:51 pm

septembre 22nd     8:46 pm

“ September 22. Nothing. ”

— Franz Kafka, Diaries 1914-1923 

septembre 21st     12:19 am

how awful is it getting ready to go bed only to discover that you need to make it. </3

septembre 14th     1:51 am

septembre 10th     4:59 pm

septembre 10th     4:58 pm

the pointless emoji synopses i slaved over went up on buzzfeed.

the x-files is 21 today!

i saw a streetcar named desire yesterday (couldn’t stop trembling for about 2hrs afterwards)

it’s my birthday on saturday and so far my plans consist of drowning myself in the bathtub.

i’m so, so tired, it might be because i haven’t taken my b12 supplements in weeks.

everyone i know is progressing. (i want my own progression).