there but for the     i     ii     iii     iv
   even vacancy was crowded with her

août 17th     10:21 am

août 17th     12:46 am

it’s weird but i don’t feel anxious when i’m planning to go out, but once i’m out it kicks into high gear and i can barely move.

août 16th     7:50 pm

août 13th     10:12 pm

the environment at my new job is so nurturing and amazing. it’s nice to actually experience a work environment that isn’t tense, where senior staff are literally shaking because the md is in the office yelling abuse at them. 

for the rest of this week (and much of next week), my main tasks are to watch films 😍

now all they need to do is p-a-y pay 👏 me 👏

août 11th     9:19 pm

août 11th     9:15 pm

août 3rd     5:20 pm

“ You are not a drop in the ocean.
You are the entire ocean in a drop. ”

— Rumi

août 3rd     5:19 pm

juillet 31st     10:12 am


girls dont want boys girls want fast wifi and gillian anderson